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                   Moments of Inspiration

P.O. Box 653
Ballinger, TX 76821

     Writers with great faith and loving hearts share their best words on the pages of this monthly publication. It is an inspiration and thought provoking magazine. Its ministry is to place in the hands of its readers a resource that leads to a consideration of Jesus Christ. We gladly share how you can receive your monthly gift free of charge.
    This monthly publication is offered free of charge to anyone who would like to receive it. If you would be interested in receiving a copy each month here is the information: Christian Appeal Publishers, INC.  2310 Anna Street, Amarillo, Texas 79106


     The New Life Behavior Ministries have produced some outstanding materials to help aide students in understanding
how Christianity can lead to a new life. Lessons take students through various courses of study. MOI has the opportunity to offer these studies free of charge to anyone who would like to study by correspondence.
The following is a list of the courses we have available:
    Course I    "A Sense of Self"
    Course II  "A Sense of Family"
    Course III  "Parenting Matters"
    Course IV  "True Freedom"
    Course VIII "CASA"  Christian Against Substance Abuse

     If you would be interested in these studies contact MOI at or write MOI Radio Ministry at PO Box 653, Ballinger, TX 76821-0653


Needing a new bible, Christian video, study books, commentaries or any item you might normally purchase at a Christian bookstore?  Considered making your purchases through the Gospel Tidings Bookstore.  For more information contact Bill Adcox at 405-812-3552 / or by checking out the website at